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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Inlay Rings

Our inlay rings are done with precision with tight fitting stones. All these stones vary somewhat in appearance as they are natural materials. With these rings it is vital to order the correct ring size, because we can bend metal but not stones so sizing a ring makes the inlay break. If you need a size not in the Paypal menu, contact us directly.

silver multi inlay ring
Rs743 Lapis Multi inlay ring

Ring Size

silver inlay band
Rs745 Multi Inlay Ring

Ring Size

silver inlay ring
Rs726 Turquoise Band

Ring Size

silver band
Rs801 Lapis Band

Ring Size

Turquoise is stabilized to prevent skin oil absorption, changing the color. Black onyx is dyed, a standard practice. We only use stone treatments that do not have to be renewed, for long wear and enjoyment of your ring.

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Bracelets

Bracelets can be a great design statement and this collection of Sundell bracelets offers a number of great choices. The petroglyph bracelet, Br804, has a matching ring available in the Sterling Silver Rings category.

You are welcome to contact the gallery to have a sterling silver bracelet created especially for you.

silver link braceletlink bracelet closedinlaid watchbancsilver link bracelet closedinlay silver braceletbimetal braceletmulti inlay silver braceletsmall silver braceletpetroglyph silver braceletcarved silver bracelet

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Rings

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inlay ringsfaceted stone ringscabochon ringssilver rings without stones







About Our Silver Rings

Handcrafted rings that will dazzle and delight your senses! They are sure to attract compliments every time you wear them! Your choice from this collection of limited production sterling silver rings can be ordered online.

Please note: Prices may vary from online posted prices due to fluctuations in metal and stone prices beyond our control. If changes are needed, you will be asked for approval at the time of the order.

Shipping & handling is for the contiguous continental forty eight states only. Please contact the gallery for shipping costs to other locations.

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Handcrafted Bimetal Jewelry

pair of warrior pendantsbimetal ringbimetal warrior pendantbimetal link braceletbimetal bracelet







The only jewelry creation shown on this page still available is the opal warrior pendant in the third position. The others are one of a kind pieces from an ongoing series of work, so you can contact the gallery if you would like one of your own.

The sapphire link bracelet, next to the last image, is a spectacular piece in which each link is a separate abstract design in sterling silver and 18k gold, with sapphires and diamonds set in gold bezels. Several bracelets have been created in this series, using various stones and link designs.

Contact the gallery to commission a piece of bimetal jewelry just for you.

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Other Handcrafted Gold Jewelry

 gold pendant with freshwater pearl14k gold pendant14k gold inlay bracelet 14k gold bracelet with black onlxcustom gold wedding ring14k gold pendant14k elk ivory ring14k gold buckle14k elk ivory ring










The Sundells created many unusual and distinctive gold jewelry designs for their delighted clients. Here you see a few examples. An asymmetrical approach can often be seen in their work, sure to attract notice and compliments.

You can read the story of the creation of the Delekta wedding ring in the Fly Fisherman’s Dream Wedding. Each piece of jewelry created by the Sundells has its own story and reason for being. Many were planned to become family heirlooms.

Contact the gallery to have a special piece of unique gold jewelry created especially for you.

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Fisherman’s Dream Wedding

pair of gold wedding rings14k custom gold wedding ringRings BoatsBeartooth Fly Fishing Lodgethe happy coupledriftboat







What happens when an outfitter/fly fishing lodge owner falls in love with the lady president of a Trout Unlimited chapter? Well, fishing, lots of fishing. A true trout romance unfolded before our eyes when Dan Delekta met Nancy Alston.

Dan is easily the most expert guide we know. We have seen him catch fish when no one else, including other guides, could manage to do so. Nancy is fanatically expert in her own right, owns her own drift boat, and fishes without regard to weather. They quickly settled into catching a lot of trout together.

Somewhere amongst all those rainbows, browns, cutthroats, brookies, and the stray grayling, they decided to marry. We were delighted with the news as we cannot imagine a better match for either of them.

Since they love our jewelry, they asked us to make the wedding rings. This turned out to be a major challenge as Nancy, who has small fingers, wanted everything in the world on these rings. The requirements were to accommodate a large diamond, inlay, and a sapphire, a fishing scene, and also use both white and yellow gold. Her ring had to be made as two rings so the diamond could be worn or not depending on the circumstances.

Our solution to this design problem was to go fishing with them. We are not dumb. Enough fishing will solve nearly anything.

We took a lot of photos of them in their boats. The idea was to have Dan rowing Nancy’s Clackacraft with her fishing on her ring and to have Nancy rowing Dan’s Lavro with him fishing on his ring. Each scene had to fit in approximately 1/4 inch.

This was a considerably difficult carving. I did manage to get the boats identifiable by their paint lines. Dan and Nancy are identifiable primarily by stance and by their hats. I even put sunglasses on them. Nancy’s fly line curls around the ring going underneath and coming up on the other side where I carved a tiny trout. Since Dan’s ring was larger we had him catching a double with two little trout on the side of his. The sapphire went on the lower part of her ring as a surprise stone.

One happy result is that when the inlay pattern was created to fit with the other elements of the rings, it looked rather like a stylized bear fetish. Since Dan’s lodge is the Beartooth Fly Fishing Lodge he was delighted with the idea.

On the wedding day, they dressed in new fishing shirts, yellow roses on their hat bands, and their waders. The wedding party took three boats to launch at Ruby Creek on the Madison River where the bride caught a fish on her first cast. The short float to Macatee Bridge goes right by the Beartooth. So we landed the boats there below the lodge and I married them on the bank.

They had chosen not to see the completed rings until they put them on during the ceremony. Is that trust in the jewelers or what?!? While they were looking at the rings after the ceremony, I sneaked down to the boats and tied the “Just Married” sign on the back of their boat along with bright ribbons tied to plastic two liter pop bottles that would float. Thereafter all the other passing drift boats cheered and waved to the newlyweds.

Back at the lodge Nancy gave Dan my husband’s painting Under the Madison as a wedding gift. Since we had told Dan his favorite painting had been sold to someone in New Jersey, he certainly was not expecting to see it again!

No one was at all surprised that Mr. and Mrs. Delekta decided to spend their honeymoon steelheading in Oregon.

by Lexi Sundell

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Handcrafted Gold Rings with Precious Stones and Diamonds

gold ring with tourmalineopal and diamond gold ringsapphire gold ringblue topaz ringcitrine ringgarnet gold ringgold inlay ringgold ring with pearlgold multi inlay ring










These rings are amazingly comfortable on the hand and their unique appearance assures you admiring attention when you wear them. Our custom gold rings are created with substantial shanks for durability and all stones are carefully selected for maximum beauty and great quality.

Inlay stones such as opal, sugilite, lapis, and other materials are carefully cut and fitted into the precise channels. Select colored stones and/or sparkling diamonds may also be used to complete the designs.

Contact the gallery to have a wonderful gold ring created especially for you.