SS Rings With Stones

The warm white of sterling silver metal emphasizes the color of cabochons or faceted stones, making delightful rings. We love our stones and want to assure you that, while almost all colored stones have had some sort of treatment, we choose those that are permanent. Amethyst and citrine are often heat treated, Swiss blue topaz is irradiated, and so forth. We use stabilized turquoise because it does not absorb skin oil and turn green like untreated turquoise. Colored stones vary in hardness so we recommend not being rough with them. Since we use stones that are not man made, the colors and patterns (if they have patterns) can vary. Your monitor may have its own ideas about color as well.

That said, we would love to share with you both our faceted stone rings in silver, and our cabochon rings. The four cabochon styles come first and scrolling will bring you to the faceted stones.

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And now we present the faceted group.

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