Handcrafted Jewelry in Silver and Gold

Sterling Silver Rings With Colored Stones

An assortment of silver rings with stones
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Sterling Silver Rings Without Stones

An assortment of silver rings without stones
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About the Jewelry

Lexi and Bern Sundell combine their talents to create handcrafted gold and silver jewelry in a wide range of styles. Curvilinear forms, hard edged geometrics, inlaid, intricately carved, and other styles integrate beautifully with colored gemstones and diamonds.

Their jewelry is worked to an incredibly high degree of quality, and at the same time, exquisitely comfortable to wear. Even the most extreme rings will sit comfortably on the hand. As Lexi says, “We make our rings finger-friendly.”

Order your limited production sterling silver jewelry directly online. Contact the gallery for pricing on gold jewelry. Special commissions for custom jewelry can also be arranged.