We are delighted to offer an assortment of large coffee mugs with our artwork and wee original hand painted art cards. Scroll down for our Art Card Holiday Sale.

Our most popular trout mugs from Bern Sundell paintings

These large 15 oz ceramic mugs are vibrant with color and wonderful for morning coffee and tea.  They are sure to delight the fly fisherman with Bern’s beautifully rendered fish. Registered with the Made in Montana program, they come with the Made in Montana stickers.

Created by dye sublimation, the inks are vaporized at high heat and pressure into the sublimation surface on the mugs. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, with the caution that commercial sanitizers or dishwashers running at the high sanitizer temperatures like Bosch damage the sublimation coating. Regular dishwasher temperatures work fine.

Shipping is flat rate at $9.95 for the first mug and $3 per additional mug. However, the set of four is not only a lower price for the set, but the shipping has a major discount at checkout. Buy just one mug or collect the entire set and save!

Art Cards by Lexi Sundell including birds, animals, and flowers (scroll down for Bern Sundell art cards)

These art cards are known as ACEOs, Art Card Editions and Originals. Shown below are originals painted by Lexi Sundell and each one has a heavily textured gold border that looks like a frame. They can be framed singly or in groups, or displayed on small easels or display blocks. Please note that these are one of a kind paintings and may be subject to prior sale in the gallery. We will notify you promptly if your choice has already sold despite our best efforts to keep this list updated.

The art card tradition began in the 1400s with small hand painted portraits done to help arrange marriages. They became popular and eventually led to sports cards, which standardized the size at 2.5″ x 3.5″. When sports cards became popular in turn, artists revived the old painting tradition and chose to use the same standardized size for art cards. Each card is signed on the back with the title of the work, 1/1 to indicate it is a one of a kind original, and ACEO to refer to the art card tradition.

Shipping is $5.50 with only $1.00 more per additional art card.

Art Cards by Bern Sundell including trout and hawks